App Empire Re-Opening

by ryan on June 13, 2012


Just a quick not to let you know that I hard from   I just heard from Chad Mureta, best-selling
Chad Mureta that he is reopening App Empire  author of ‘App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life,
tomorrow at June 13th at 9am EST.

So if you missed out initially on App Empire go
go check it out here.

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Chad Mureta App Empire Review

by ryan on June 4, 2012

Finally an Honest and REAL App Empire Review

From Ryan Daniels – June 4th, 2012

About: App Empire by Chad Mureta

Look I know you’ve been hearing that App Empire is all the rage and it’s the best thing since sliced bread, right?

But is this product any good, is it worth your time or is it just some scam by Chad Mureta?

Inside this honest Chad Mureta App Empire Review I’m gonna pull back the curtain and reveal everything.

I hope you are ok with that.

I just feel like you deserve to not only know the truth, but know all the facts.

That way you can be educated and decide for yourself.


Chad Mureta Creator of App Empire

Chad Mureta

Let’s take a look at Chad Mureta and our full App Empire Review.

Meet Chad Mureta, Back in 2009 Chad Mureta was in a car accident.  While confined to a hospital bed Mureta discovered the possibilities of the iPhone App Market.  So he started to mess around with the whole App on his iPhone while he was laid up there in the hospital.

He ended coming up with an app called “Fingerprint Security Pro”, which went on to become a bestseller.  Chad had no idea that that 1 app would lead him to create a new company, career and a whole new way of life.

Chad Mureta App Empire Guy3 years later Chad himself has spearheaded the marketing and development of 46 apps, which have been downloaded over 35 million times worldwide.

35 million times.

That’s really impressive.

This has lead Chad to write a book called  App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life, and Let Technology Work for You (not an aff link)

And now…

…it has led to his new App Empire course.

All of that being said this is why we are so excited on reviewing the App Empire Course for you.

More on the review in a minute.

First let’s look at the 4 videos Chad has released.

Video 1 – Chad’s Story

Inside Video 1 Chad Mureta tells his story of how he went from a crippling auto accident to making a boatload cash with apps.  The best part he did it all with just his iPhone.

It really is a pretty crazy story.

What I thought was pretty cool is Chad is guy just like you and I.  He doesn’t really have any really technical skills and didn’t even use his computer just his iPhone.

This is an inspirational story and you should definitely watch the video.

Chad Mureta App Empire Video 1

Chad Mureta App Empire Video 1

His Story Will Blow You Away <—– Watch the video

Video 2 – 7 Commandments of Building an App Empire

Look my buddy Chad really has this whole iPhone app marketing stuff down.

This guy has made a science out of it.  Not some crazy theory, but hard science.

Do you know what happens when you breakdown something like this into a formula?

You get a system that will pretty much work forever.

Well as long as these little old iPhone apps around…

…and personally I don’t seem them going anywhere but up.

If you have any interest in building apps you need to learn these 7

commandments of App Marketing.

Chad Mureta Video 2 for App Empire

Chad Mureta Video 2

Chad’s 7 Commandments of iPhone App Marketing  <— Learn These!

Video 3 – If a 10 Year Old Can Do It

Can I ask you a question?

Well I’m gonna ask either way so I’m not sure why I even asked you.

But what does crazy old Trey Smith, a laid off 40-something man living with his parents,

and a 10 year old kid have in common?

Well based on the fact that this is a Chad Mureta App Empire Review you probably guessed it.

All of these people are CURRENTLY making money with Chad’s App Empire.

Like right now.

This stuff is theory, anymore.

These are real people that are making money with Apps.

Not only that but they kinda are killing it.

If a 10 year old can do it, you can do it.

Chad Mureta creator of App Empire Video 3

Chad Mureta App Empire Video 3

Success Is So Simple  <~~~ Watch this

Video 4 – App Empire is Revealed

Look I don’t want to get too much into everything about this video because if you are considering App Empire you really need to watch.

Go here and watch this video

Also be sure to see the crazy bonus I’m giving to everyone that purchases through my link.

Basically this video is the final video where Chad presents the entire App Empire package.  He covers all the details and even talks about all the crazy (and I mean crazy) bonuses he’s adding to App Empire.

When you see it I promise you’ll be blown away and you’ll see that this is a no-brainer.

Check out the Video Here

Some of the facts detailed in his program are:

  • How to do App Store Research like an absolute pro
  • Chad’s Automation Tools that he has been literally offered $500,000 for and he turned it down
  • Discover a tool that can actually tell you if your app will be successful or an utter failure before you even think of building an app
  • Learn the 5 specific criteria to help you identify the most desirable apps to build
  • Quick-start training to getting
  • Weekly App Empire meetings where you can ask any questions.  These are run by the top successful app creators that Chad knows extremely well.
  • A community that is designed to help you be successful.  Chad is building the largest community of successful appreneurs  so that everyone can grow and learn together.

That is really just a taste of what this course is about.

Watch this video to get all the details (they are amazing)

What we really like best about his program is that this is more…of a complete system than just about any program we’ve ever seen before.

So let’s get a little more in-depth, so you know what you’ll get with the “App Empire Program” – and how it’ll work for you…

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the App Empire program.  First there several different parts of the program and you’ll actually get all the training sent directly to your door and than you’ll access to the training online.

Second, this program works anywhere in the world.  Yes anywhere.

•    Disc 1: Welcome
•    Disc 1: What You Will Learn
•    Disc 1: The Millionaire Mindset
•    Disc 1: Rewiring Your Beliefs
•    Disc 1: Next Steps
•    Disc 2: Creating Hit Apps
•    Disc 3: Finding Talent with oDesk
•    Disc 3: Designing Your App
•    Disc 3: Hire Slow, Fire Fast
•    Disc 3: Testing and Publishing Your App
•    Disc 4: Introduction
•    Disc 4: Marketing Your First App
•    Software Overview

Just take a look at the membership area…

App Empire Members Area

Check Out App Empire – Click Here

Is There Support?

When you become a member of the Chad Mureta’s App Empire system, you not only are getting access to the entire members area but you are getting access to some of the most insane tools I’ve ever seen.  You’ll also have access to some really incredible support.  This will help you get your App Business going in the right direction.  I promise that Chad will take care of you.

Ordering Information…

There is no other way to order this product other than through their website. This information is NOT available in stores ANYWHERE in the world. This is also time sensitive and you are advised to act now.

You can do that here

The App Empire Program – MY CONCLUSION…And Insane iPad 3 Bonus

The main conclusion is that this program is not a risk at all. This is truly a world class product that we believe can help anyone that uses the information.  It literally can be a life-changing business for you in an emerging and growing market.

Apps are growing by leaps and bounds and that means more and more opportunity for you.

Inside the private members area there is just so much high-quality content and software that this product really is incredible.  Just getting access to 1 or 2 of his pieces of software makes it definitely worth it.

The next step is to click the link below to watch Chad’s ‘tell all’ video presentation.

Plus, if you download this today, I’m going to also give you some really cool bonuses.

The bonus is everyone that buys App Empire through me gets a brand new iPad 3 ($599 value).  Yes everyone gets one there is no raffles or anything like that.  You order from me and I’ll send you a brand new iPad 3 see the terms below.

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How to get your free iPad 3 ($599 value).

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